Policies Implied by the Municipal Budget


The participants in the National Programme discussed the budget as a political instrument or how parties realize their political interests through municipal budgets at the fourth day of the course, dedicated to federal self-government. There was a special discussion between mayors and municipal councilors. The participants in the debate were Mr. Nikolai Stoinev, Deputy Chairperson of the Sofia Municipal Council, Mr. Emil Kabaivanov, mayor of Karlovo Municipality, Mr. Ahmed Bashev, mayor of Garmen Municipality, Ms. Galina Asenova, a Municipal Councilor at Pernik Municipal Council and Mr. Vasil Ivanov, Chairperson of the Kjustendil Municipal Council. 

The structure and principles of municipal budget and financial policies of the municipalities were presented by Mr. Zdravko Sechkov, Chairman of the Foundation for Local Government Reform. In small groups the program participants had to work out and vote for the municipal budget, and explain to citizens the basic policies that will be implemented through it.
Decentralization was another focus of the program. Ms. Ginka Chavdarova, executive director of the National Association of Municipalities in Bulgaria, and Ergin Emin, executive director of the Association of Bulgarian cities and regions, explained deferent approaches and views on decentralization.

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