Ms. Hristina Hristova, “Achieving a Better Quality of Life is the Most Important Policy Objective”


“Democracy has not invented anything better than political formations which compete with each other to improve the quality of life”, said Ms. Hristina Hristova, the chairperson of the NMSS, to the participants from the National Programme “Governing skills” of the Bulgarian School of policy “Dimitar Panitza.” She was a guest speaker at the “30 minutes with…” session.
Ms. Hristina Hristova highlighted that each party has to develop and publish a governing program and hold continuous debates on it. The main focus of these programs should be on improving business environment, increasing investments and the GDP. Therefore there are four basic elements – the macroeconomic framework, human resources, regulatory regimes and protection of property, which have a crucial role.

The NMSP leader made a detailed analysis of the current state of these components. She said that government bonds should not be bought with the money from the Silver Fund because it is risky and can badly affect the fiscal reserve. She also commented that the state administration should abolish the tacit consent rule and that the state should work on improving the judicial system.  

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