Ms. Tsetska Tsacheva: “The Parliament Is the Most Transparent Bulgarian Institution”


The speaker of the National Assembly Ms. Tsetska Tsacheva was special guest lecturer at the panel “30 minutes with…” in the BSoP’s National Program “Governing skills”. She explained to the participants what the role of the National Parliament in the EU decision making is.

Another focus in the day was the topic “What does the language of numbers say”. Ms. Diana Yancheva, who is a Deputy Chairperson of the National Statistics Institute, explained to the participants what the most popular mistakes while reading of the statistic information are. The sociologists Ms. Boriana Dimitrova and Mr. Michail Mirchev tried to answer the questions if it is necessary and how to monitor the pulse of the public opinion.

Earlier at the day the political scientists Mr. Ognyan Minchev and Mr. Antony Todorov made an analysis of the current political system including the definition of the current parties, their evaluation and change in the past and current challenges in their development.

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