Mr. Hristo Ivanov: “A huge political will is required for reforming the judiciary system”


The Minister of Justice Mr. Hristo Ivanov was a guest lecturer in the National Programme “Governing skills”. Mr. Ivanov, Mr. Kalin Kalpakchiev, who is a member of the Board of the Bulgarian Judges    Association and a member of the Supreme Judicial Council, and Mr. Sava Petrov, who is a representative of the Association of Prosecutors in Bulgaria, participated in the panel “Bulgaria’s Long-term Strategies”. Mr. Hristo Ivanov presented his vision for the judicial reform. “I would like to work together with you to convince all the members of Parliament that Bulgaria needs these changes,” stressed Mr. Ivanov to the National Program participants. He also said that enormous political will from all parties is required for a reform in the judiciary system.

Mr. Kalin Kalpakchiev explained the way the Supreme Judicial Council model should look like in order to be fully independent. He spoke about the judicial system workload as well. Mr. Sava Petrov presented the structure of the prosecution in Bulgaria, its place in the state system and its specific functions.

At the end of the panel the BSoP’s team presented to the participants the group homework assignment. In March they will have to provide different models for a reform in the judiciary system.

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