Six inspirational causes were presented during the Kaleidoscope of philanthropic causes


For a second year within the Kaleidoscope of philanthropic causes, School’s alumni and participants in the current National Program “Governing Skills” presented the initiatives, on which they work. In short videos three alumni and three Program participants talked about their causes, why they work on them and what inspires them to continue. After that, in workshops the other participants were introduced to the personal motivation of each presenter to work on the realization of their cause, talked about the challenges which the current philanthropists face, and discussed ideas how they could be of help to one another. Each cause found many supporters among the new cohort, who committed particular actions for its realization. 

Earlier in the day, Dr. Emilia Zankina from the American University in Bulgaria presented the topic of stakeholder analysis. Another theme in the program was a simulation of a TV debate with a topic “Limits for additional payments for medicine, partly covered by the National Health Insurance Fund”. The anchor of the debate was the journalist from the Bulgarian National Television Bojko Vasilev. The last panel for the day was “30 minutes with…” where the special guest was Julian Popov, who is member of BSoP Board, Senior Policy Advisor of the European Climate Foundation, and former Minister of Environment and Water in the 2013 Bulgarian interim government. The topic was about the future of energy in the context of COP meeting in Paris.

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