The Participants in the National Program were Involved in a Debate on the Istanbul Convention as Well


The topic “for” or “against” the ratification of the Istanbul Convention was also debated in the training room of the current cohort of the National Program of the Bulgarian School of Politics. Simulation of a radio debate was one of the tasks for the participants during the third day of the third course of the Program. Before standing in front of the microphone as defenders of one or the other position on the case, the trainees were introduced into the intricacies of radio broadcasting by the journalist Kiril Valchev, who is a host of the political broadcast “The Week” on Darik Radio.

Earlier during the day, the participants divided by groups were tasked to conduct a stakeholder analysis. “Stakeholders are the people who have an interest in a policy, who are influenced by it, can influence it, or both”, explained Emilia Zankina, Deputy Rector of the American University in Bulgaria, to the participants.

Developing a stakeholder analysis will also be the task for the individual homework of all participants in the National Program. It will be rated by Emilia Zankina.

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