The philanthropist Dr. Milen Vrabevski was a special guest of the new class of trainees of BSoP


“Life is not a competition, but a degree of usefulness. My involvement aims to set an example that is contagious and I see that this works”. With these words, Dr. Milen Vrabevski began his meeting with Class 2021. The philanthropist was a special guest at the end of the penultimate day of the first course of the National Program “Governing Skills”. Dr. Vrabevski is the owner and director of the largest research organization in Southeast Europe, awarded by the Ministry of Education and Science with the Pythagorean Prize for the largest investment in research. He is also the founder of the Bulgarian Memory Foundation, which goal is to preserve the Bulgarian cultural and historical heritage. For years, with personal funds, the doctor has funded programs for innovative education, career development of young people, the reintegration of the Bulgarian historical diaspora, develops various initiatives to combat the demographic crisis in our country. With these activities he ranks among the great donors of Bulgaria, among whom is Dimi Panitza – founder of the Bulgarian School of Politics. Passion at work, lack of fear, liberated consciousness, development of abilities, spiritual satisfaction, feeling of gratitude, empathy. These are the steps to success according to Dr. Vrabevski, which he shared with the new class of trainees of BSoP.

Earlier during the day, the participants worked on conflict management options. The lecturer on the topic was the professor of conflict management and editor-in-chief of the Duma newspaper Ivelin Nikolov. He gave the audience a definition of conflict, defined basic skills for its management, pointed out the styles of behavior in conflict and ways to resolve it. Divided into groups, the trainees did exercises, after which they had to answer the questions: in what kind of conflict have I participated?; what is the result?; what are the best ways to resolve these conflicts? Feedback from the work in groups Class 2021 received from Ivelin Nikolov.

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