Green Policies

The Bulgarian School of Politics is actively involved with work on climate change, energy policy and the challenges they pose. The School is guided by the idea that the implementation of sustainable low carbon growth in the economies of Bulgaria, Europe and the world is one of the biggest challenges that humans face today. Therefore, we try to help with knowledge, information and expertise the legislators on both national and local levels, MPs, councillors, mayors, NGOs, media and businesses that are engaged with the topic. We believe that an informed debate on these issues, during which the voice of each participant is heard is the right way to find sustainable solutions to climate problems.

We stimulate the dialogue between all stakeholders, we organize forums, round tables and debates, we discuss policies regarding green economic growth and energy efficiency. The school develops strategies, research and analyses, cooperates with international organizations that can share the European and global experience with Bulgaria. We aim to support the process of creation of long-term and sustainable policies and practices for low carbon development and we support the efforts of the national and regional authorities in this direction. We popularize ways on how to save energy between the different age groups, where for this aim we use different ‘green’ informative products.


Implemented projects

“New Member States: Climate Protection and Economic Growth” (2012-2013)

“Energy Efficiency Investment Mechanisms” Conference (2012)

Balkan Policies for “Green” Economic Growth (2012)

Study international practice methodologies for reducing energy consumption through information campaigns on energy efficiency (2011)

“Green Step Forward” – towards New Commitment and Responsibility of Bulgarian Politicians to   the Environment” (2010)

Bulgarian Media in Support of Political Measures for Mitigating Climate Change (2010)

Low Carbon Energy Strategy Sofia (2010)

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