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We consider the level of citizen participation in policy making as an indicator of the standard of democracy. Our aspiration is to more actively engage citizens in the political process and raise interest in elections and other forms of citizen participation. This can be achieved through clear and transparent procedures, which will guarantee the citizens the access to the institutions and through legitimate civic representation through various forms of consulting and control.
This is why we work to increase the civic control in the development process of the public policies, for the supremacy of law, freedom of speech, more morality in politics and in the non-governmental sector, for accountability and transparency in governance, for giving more authority and being more tolerant with the weaker members of the society.
We are guided by the understanding, that electoral participation is a major mechanism for civic control. It is important that the voters can make their decision who to vote for not based on emotions, but based on rationality – after getting familiar with the programs of the parties.
The Bulgarian School of Politics ‘Dimitry Panitza” supports the informative choice of the citizens through different initiatives and online means.
Citizen participation on all levels of decision making and public policy development is a guarantee for transparent and good governance.  That is why, as an accent in our work we study the European experience in the area of active engagement of citizens in the decision-making processes in order to offer good practices and models for policy development.
We work for the protection of human rights and giving authority to the vulnerably social groups.
We believe, that the care for the weakest is a key value, tolerance criterion and for a democratic development.


Current projects

Models and Good Practices for Legitimate Civic Representation (2014-2015)


Implemented Projects

More citizen participation and more reason in elections: online tools and public debates foe engaging citizens with national and European elections in Bulgaria (2012-2014)

The role of Media in Increasing Civic Participation in Public Life (2013 – 2014)

“I Vote for Europe’: Bulgarian Youth Votes in the European Elections 2009” (2009)

Increasing the Role of Civil Society in the Process of Roma Integration (2007-2008)

To Have a Choice (2007)

With Respect to Others (2007) 

Roma Civil Society Activists Training (2006)



13th September 2011 

Factors which modernize Russia  

GuestspeakerMs. Elena Nemirovskayafounder and Director of the Moscow School of Civic Education 


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