The philanthropic idea has been intricately interwoven into our philosophy since the establishment of the BSoP. The founder of the School – Dimi Panitza, and most of the members of the Board of Directors are philanthropists with long and rich experience, which they share with delight and readiness. Current students of the School as well as the Alumni members are actively engaged with different social causes, which they support financially through fund raising and charity activities. Each class of the National Program chooses a cause on which to work after its graduation.

Our understanding is that philanthropy in Bulgaria should not be limited within the boundaries of incidental campaigns. It is a value, that is inseparable part of the leadership qualities and the philanthropic culture should be cultivated among young Bulgarians. That is the reason why, for years we have been actively working for the transformation of the philanthropy from an incidental act of charity in a long-term personal engagement, which transforms the society for the better.

To achieve these, we provide civic and political leaders with information, knowledge and skills to work on important social causes, set for public debates problems and challenges, which philanthropy faces in Bulgaria. We pay particular attention to efficiency of received donations and how the results are communicated back to donors. Along with other organizations working in the field of philanthropy, we discuss ideas and possibilities for specific policies, which can facilitate the process of donations.


Current Projects

Inspiring Others, Generating Change and Transforming Society – Philanthropy as a Core Value of the Leaders (2015-2016)

Implemented Projects

Promoting philanthropic culture in Bulgaria 2012-2014

Promoting Philanthropic Culture in Bulgaria (2011-2012)

Young Leaders Assisting the Social Integration of Children from Institutions (2010-2012)

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