Study international practice methodologies for reducing energy consumption through information campaigns on energy efficiency


Bulgarian School of Politics makes the study of international practices and experience in the development and use of methodologies to reduce energy consumption through information campaigns on energy efficiency. The study is carried out jointly with the Institute for Energy Management. It is crucial for energy companies, because the application of international experience and the country will lead to lower costs, reduced energy consumption and hence less load on the transmission network will improve their reputation among customers, suppliers and employees. With the introduction of such methodologies in practice energy companies will demonstrate resource efficiency of its business, demonstrating that recognize their responsibility to the environment.

The essence of such methodologies is to conduct information campaigns to reduce energy consumption, the results can be measured both by changes in attitudes and motivation, and through engineering analysis of energy savings. This method allows accurate measurement of the energy savings generated by a campaign in kWh. The assessment results serve as a basis for measuring the impact of future measures to promote the potentially greatest impact on reducing energy consumption and realize savings through energy efficiency.



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