Class 2011 of the National Program had its Graduation Ceremony


Forty-three participants from the National Program 2011 of the Bulgarian School of Politics, among who members of Parliament, mayors, municipal councilors and representatives of NGOs, business, state and municipal administration, received their diplomas at a special Graduation Ceremony, which took place on 3rd July in Sofia.

The diplomas were awarded by Julian Popov – Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bulgarian School of Politics. Meglena Rusenova – member of the Board and Irina Alexieva – Executive Director of the School also attended the official Ceremony.

In his key address to the graduates, Julian Popov highlighted that the mission of the Bulgarian School of Politics is to create community of young political and civil leaders with active stand in national, European and global political process, guided by democratic values such as pluralism, tolerance and informed debate. The modern leader should be able to make policy beyond the election mandate, to think in long-term and to rely on expertise provided by the civil sector, he added.

It is very important for young Bulgarian leaders to become co-authors of European policies and for Bulgarians to feel and be self-confidant that we are part of Europe, said Meglena Rusenova. She wished the School graduates to succeed with this.

The Executive Director of the School – Irina Alexieva, thanked to all graduates from Class 2011 for their hard efforts during the Program and wished them good luck in their professional development.

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