Dimi Panitza passed away


We lost Dimi Panitza – the founder of the Bulgarian School of Politics.

Dimi dedicated his entire life to Bulgaria and its democratic development. He deeply cared for Bulgaria, put all his efforts, energy and soul into the cause of its democratic development and in establishing democratic values and strengthening civil society. Thanks to him, in 2001 our School was born as a place where young political and civil leaders are educated.


Dimi trusted young people and believed in their abilities to change Bulgaria for good. He dedicated his time and efforts to pass his experience and wisdom through to them. And he gave them the best example how a true Bulgarian could work for his country and how they should never give up.

Dimi, you will always be with us!

From today until Tuesday (2nd August), from 10.30 to 5.30 pm, a book of condolences is opened in the office of the School at 17, Tzar Shishman, Str.

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