Bulgarian Media in Support of Political Measures for Mitigating Climate Change

The project was targeted to media and was imposed by climate change worldwide and the response that each state must provide in order to mitigate and slow the effects of these changes in economic, social, and political terms. Discussion, development and effective implementation of legislative initiatives and mechanisms at national level in this area could be achieved by a clear commitment from the political forces and by systematic control on their implementation. It could be effectively exerted by civil society and media, which largely shape the views on these issues.



The aim of the project was to provide editors and leading journalists from biggest Bulgarian media with the opportunity to receive basic training on the importance of the topic, the best ways for its coverage, the use of reliable sources of information, as well as to meet with prominent political figures, scholars and activists from Bulgaria and the world, working in the field of climate change. By presenting expert information and developing skills among journalists to analyze it, they could provoke attitudes of Bulgarian politicians and society, thus exerting the necessary pressure to make climate change of a crucial importance on the agenda of the government.

Project Goals

  • Change in the editorial policy of media regarding climate change in order to consider it as an important and leading topic in their agenda for competent media coverage of the implementation of policies on climate change at global, national and local level.
  • Creating a community of leading journalists in the country working on climate change issues for an effective and on time communication and dissemination of the latest developments and achievements, and provoking of an informed debate and control over the measures proposed by the government in this area.
  • Establishment of a mechanism for long-term interaction between leading journalists, governmental institutions and NGOs to exchange information, analysis and evaluation of documents and government action in support of measures mitigating the effects of climate change.

Main Activities 

  • 3 training seminars with the target group journalists in to analyze and prepare publications the topic climate change in print and electronic media.
  • Training module for the target group journalists in preparation for the media coverage the UN meeting in Copenhagen 2009.
  • Studying the state of media in the country in terms of quality coverage of climate change and tracking the expected change in their editorial policy as a result The study examined the awareness policymakers the topic too.
  • Activities in support the training seminars: regular email briefing for journalists from the country, which informed them about recent changes in European and national legislation, governmental decisions and European trends concerning climate change.
  • Activities for publicity and dissemination .

Implementation Period

1st November 2009 – 31st Jupy


The Project was financed by the GEF Small Grants Programme







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