Bulgarian School of Politics: Institutional Development Project

The aim of the Project was to further develop and improve the institutional and intellectual capacity of the Bulgarian School of Politics and to enhance its ability to disseminate new civil and political leadership culture in the country.



The project aimed at capacity building of the School, strengthening its fund-raising abilities, developing new and interactive training methods and a train-of-trainers system for the trainers and moderators, as well as for developing in-house research capacity for supporting training of political and civic leaders.

Main Activities

The Project activities were related to:

  • Developing new course materials for seminars from the National Program of the School,,
  • Introducing new and interactive training methods,
  • Publishing of educative and promotional materials,
  • Introducing a training program for the regular trainers and moderators of the School,
  • public discussions along with the Alumni Association,
  • Renovating the Internet site of the School.

Implementation Period

15th June 2007 – 15th June 2010


The project was financed by the Trust for Civil Society for CEE

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