The children from the Centre for Family Type Accommodation in Velingrad received a cake with a sugar-made martenitsa, as well as banitsa and sweets from Bulgarian School of Politics Alumni for the 1st of March Celebration. The children gave the guests hand-made martenitsi and told them about their work at the art center. Prior to the celebration, there was a meeting at the municipality at which the joint project “Young Leaders Assisting the Social Integration of Children from Institutions” between the Bulgarian School of Politics and the Bonita Trust was presented.

The deputy regional governour of Pazardjik – Ms. Vanya Minkova, the mayor of Velingrad – Mr. Ivan Lebanov, the vice-mayor – Ms. Diana Kehajova, the Chair person of “Social Practices into the Community” Foundation, Pazardjik – Ms. Zlatka Angelova, the Executive Director of the Bulgarian School of Politics – Ms. Irina Alexieva, Ms. Irena Tahova from BSoP Class 2008, Ms. Stela Vassileva – Manager of “Stela 97” company, representatives of “Premiera-97” company, local hotels and media attended the meeting. The Mayor – Mr. Lebanov, thanked to the Bulgarian School of Politics and to all who has taken care about the children from the Centre for Family Type Accommodation. During last year, our activities were supported by the local hotel managers who agreed martenitsi, made by the children, to be sold into the hotel receptions, highlighted Ms. Diana Kehajova, vice-mayor of Velingrad. She especially thanked to “Stela 97” company which along with the BSoP Class 2008 donated equipment and furniture for two new kitchens, where the children could have their cooking classes. “The most important thing is that the children will acquire skills, which will help them into their future lives, and this idea has already been supported by Bonita Trust”, said Ms. Irina Alexieva, Executive Director of the Bulgarian School of Politics. She announced that the BSoP Alumni has been working with children for four years and on 19th March in Pravets the Class 2011 would organise a Charity Evening, at which would collect donations for the three child care centres, among them the one in Velingrad. During the meeting, the representatives of “Premiera-97” company that produces the famous “Medenka Lyubimka” cake, showed samples of Easter sweets, which the employees and the children from the Center will make for the Charity evening

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