Three representatives from National Program 2011 – Seval Mustanova, Atanas Zaforov and Plamen Tzarnoretchky, participated in the first of series seminars, organized by the Moscow School of Political Studies. The topic was “Law, politics, economy and media” and the event took place between 5th and 11th June. 135 representatives from the Russian Federation, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldova, Poland, Ukraine and Croatia, as well as from Moscow School Alumni attended it.

Elena Nemirovskaya, the director of the Moscow School, welcomed the participants. Among the lecturers were James Elles, Sir Geoffrey Owen, Matti Anttonen and Thomas Gomart. Special gueast was Lady Williams. The panels were almost until midnight and active involvement of Russian experts allowed different points of view of people with even opposing political convictions to be shared. The evening panels were facilitated by Alexander Sogomonov, who is a leading sociologist at the Russian Academy of Sciences and the director of the Center for Sociological and Political Education. Discussions and debates about civil society, civil education, power and society were vivid and intense.

During an informal meeting, Bulgarian representatives met the Bulgarian Ambassador to the Russian Federation – Plamen Grozdanov.

The second seminar is to be from 17th to 23rd July again in Golitsino town, near Moscow.

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