The Fourth Course of our National Program 2010, entitled “Bulgaria in the Agenda of the European Union” was held between 26 and 30 May in Hotel Riu, Pravetz. The course introduced the core policies and elements of EU`s functioning and paid specific attention on the role of Bulgaria in their development and execution.

The topics that were discussed during the course touched upon issues such as EU`s influence on Bulgaria`s public policies, the left and right parties on a European level, the role of the European political foundations, the new possibilites for Bulgaria with the adoption of the Lisbon Treaty, the strengthened role of the European Parliament, Europe of the regions, Europe 2020, the lessons from the Greek crisis, the EU structural funds, the budget of the Union and EU as a player on the global stage.

Among our guests and lecturers were Tzetzka Tzacheva, Chairman of the National Assembly, Tomislav Donchev, Minister for EU funds, the MEPs Stanimir Ilchev, Iliana Yotova, Filiz Husmenova, Ivailo Kalfin and Andrei Kovachev, Dimi Panitza, founder and Honorary Chairman of BSoP, Zinaida Zlatanova, Head of the EC Representation in Bulgaria, Violeta Simeonova-Stanichich, Head of the EP Information Bureau in Bulgaria, Marc Meinardus, Head of the Sofia bureau of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Svetoslav Malinov, Rumiana Jeleva, Monika Panaiotova, Dobrin Kanev, Petia Stavreva, Assia Kavrakova, Georgi Ganev, Marinela Petrova, Antonii Todorov, Lubomir Datzov, Ekaterina Karamfilova and Ergin Emin.

You can take a look at the pictures from the Fourth Course in our National Program 2010 gallery.

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