“Think Globally, Act Locally”


“Think globally, act locally” was the main slogan today, at the second course of the National Programme “Governing Skills”, dedicated to local self-government.


The main focus of the program was on the coordination between local party structures and party Headquarters, as well as on local structures and local authorities. The participants in the debate were Ms Galina Stoyanova, mayor of Kazanlak Municipality; Mr. Aihan Hashimov, mayor of Loznitsa Municipality; Mr. Violin Krushovenski; mayor of Mizia Municipality and Mr. Proshko Proshkov, a Municipal Councilor at the Sofia Municipal Council.

The program for today started with a lecture by the political scientist Mr. Anthoniy Galabov and the sociologist Mr. Zhivko Georgiev for parties and their policies at local level. Ms. Antoaneta Tzoneva, who is the president of the Managing Board of the Institute for Public Environment Development, analyzed the recent local elections. The experts Ms. Milena Stefanova and Mr. Tihomir Bezlov spoke about mechanisms for combating corruption.
At the end of the day, the students spent 30 minutes in the company of the Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Solomon Passy. He shared his ideas about how the quality of life in Bulgaria could be improved. He said that the state should become a member of the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development.

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