Mr. Sergey Stanishev: “In Bulgaria There Will Be a Stable Democracy, When All the Major Parties Are Well Integrated Into the European Families”


“There are two paths for Europe. If The European Union wants be a stronger, it needs to increase its political and economic integration. Otherwise, it two speed Union. To be strong, we must be together.” The president of the European Socialists Party and Bulgarian Socialist Party Sergey Stanishev said this to the participants in the National Programme “Governing Skills” of the Bulgarian School of Politics “Dimitry Panitza.”
The former Bulgarian Prime Minister forecasted that the euro will survive and there won’t be an apocalyptic scenario, because the political and economic cost would be too high.

He said that if Europe was taken decisive and quick measures to handle the crisis in Greece, now the problem wouldn’t be so deep. Sergey Stanishev explained the ESP debt crisis suggestions. As well as financial responsibility, European socialists want a coordinated plan for investments in order to create new jobs. ESP offers €10 billion by the European Social Fund to focus on reducing youth unemployment.

The leader of the Bulgarian Socialist Party pointed the importance of national priorities for Bulgaria. In his view one such priority must be the education.

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