“Balkan Policies for “Green” Economic Growth”

The Bulgarian School of Politics “Dimitry Panitza” and the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism of Bulgaria organize a conference with the topic “Balkan Policies for “Green” Economic Growth”. Its aim is to promote a common understanding on energy-related policies between all stakeholders including governments, energy companies, energy experts, investors, analysts and NGOs from all the countries of the Western Balkans, Bulgaria and Romania and to outline strategy for clean energy regional cooperation just before the Rio+20 conference. The forum is organised with the financial support of the Balkan Trust of Democracy. Sponsor of the event is GLOBUL.

The conference will be held on 11.06.2012 at the Radisson Blu Grand Hotel, Sofia and will start at 9:00 a.m.

The conference will be held just prior to this in Rio de Janeiro, which will be attended by all world leaders. It will focus on two themes: (a) a green economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication; and (b) the institutional framework for sustainable development. The themes overlap with the idea of the conference in Sofia, which will contribute to the establishment of a common position from the countries of the Western Balkans, Bulgaria and Romania shortly before the Rio Conference. In this way they will be better prepared for action according to the decisions made during the conference in Rio.

The main objective of the conference will be to reach a common understanding, to exchange information and ideas, to discuss the political actions needed to address the growing global and regional energy challenges and to transfer knowledge on the road to sustainable energy policies that will help future EU members from the region integrate in the European energy community just before the Rio+20 conference. During the energy conference the major theme will be examined from different perspectives. The main perspective will be regional cooperation and its role in the European energy sector. Other perspectives will be the importance of investments, the role of governments and energy efficiency as a key tool for achieving energy security and reduction of the negative impact for the environment in the region.









09.00 – 09.30

Sunday 10th June

Welcome and Presentation of the “Green Growth Report” of the World Bank at hotel
Arena di Serdika, Sofia
Markus Repnik, Country manager for Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Slovakia,
the World Bank



Monday 11th June

Coffee and registration

09.30 – 09.50

Welcome and Opening of the Conference

Julian Popov, Chairman of the Board, Bulgarian School of Politics “Dimitry Panitza”

Panel 1, South East Europe 20 years after Rio Conference (Ministerial Panel)

Moderator: Julian Popov, Chairman of the Board, Bulgarian School of Politics“Dimitry


09.50 – 10.40

Delyan Dobrev, Minister of Economy, Energy and Tourism of Bulgaria

Besim Beqaj, Minister of Economic Development of Kosovo

Nasip Naco, Minister of Economy, Trade and Energy of Albania (tbc)

Daniel Chitoiu, Minister of Economy, Commerce and Business Environment of

Romania (tbc)

 Lazar Gechevski, Director, Energy Agency, Macedonia

10.40 – 11.00

11.00 – 11.15

Panel discussion

Coffee break

11.15 – 12.15

Panel 2, Policies for Green Economic Growth 

Moderator:  Julian Popov, Chairman of the Board, Bulgarian School of Politics“Dimitry

Sandrine DixsonDeclève, Director, EU Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change – keynote speaker

Costis Stambolis, Deputy Chairman & Executive Director, Institute of Energy for South
East Europe

Marina Stefanova, Executive Director, Global Compact Network Bulgaria

Yasen Guev, Director, Corporate Affairs, GLOBUL


12.15 – 12.30

Panel discussion

12.30 – 13.30


13.30 – 14.30

Panel 3, Regional Cooperation for Sustainable Future

Moderator: Galina Aleksandrova, Editor in chief, Ecoenergy media

Dirk Bushle, Deputy Director, Energy Community Secretariat

Iskra Mihaylova-Koparova, Chair, Parliamentary Commission of Environment and Water

Mark Crandall, Chair of the Board, Continental Wind Partners

Garret Tankosić‐Kelly, Principal, SEE Change Net

14.30 – 14.45

Panel discussion

14.45 – 15.00

Coffee break

15.00 – 16.00







16.00 – 16.15


16.15 -16.30

Panel 4, Economic Growth Through Green Investment and Innovation

Moderator: Мilko Kovachev, Minister of Economy (2005), Chairman, State Agency of Energy and Energy Recourses (2001-2005)  

Evgenia Haritanova, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism of

Peter Kaderjak, Director, Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research

 Prof. Konstantin Dimitrov, President, Macedonian Centre for Energy Efficiency


Panel discussion


Concluding remarks




                                                Lazar Gechevski

                                                Radmila Damjanovic

                                                Costis Stambolis

                                                Prof. Konstantin Dimitrov

                                                Yasen Guev

                                                Dirk Buschle

                                                Garet Tankosic-Kelly

                                                Iskra Mihaylova-Koparova

                                                Evgenia Haritonova

                                                Sandrin Dicson-Decleve

                                                Peter Kederjak

                                                Marina Stefanova

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