BSoP alumni and local authorities in Velingrad discussed joint initiatives with the children from the Centre for Family Type Accommodation for the Children’s Day


Activities with the children from the Centre for Family Type Accommodation for the Children’s Day – 1st June were discussed at a series of meetings between BSoP alumni and representatives of the local power in Velingrad. Irena Tahova from Class 2008, Vasil Avramov from Class 2007 and Zlatka Angelova from Class 2012 attended the meetings, which were held on 15th and 16th May. The alumni have been participating in the project “Young Leaders Assisting the Social Integration of Children from Institutions””, funded through the Bonita Trust and implemented by the Bulgarian School of Politics “Dimitry Panitza”. During the discussions, ideas for celebrating 5 years of joint activities between BSoP alumni and the Municipality of Velingrad, which have been partnering for implementing policies for social integration of the children from the care institution, were outlined.

For the Children’s Day funny games and activities, among which drawing pictures, arranging puzzles and mosaics, competitions, etc. will be organized for the children from the Centre. The students from the Junior Achievement Club in Velingrad will also participate in the celebration. They shared that for them it would be a pleasure to be useful and to help their schoolmates who does not have their fortune but are also children. There is a tradition for the students from the Junior Achievement Club to have joint activities with the children from the care institution during which they make design-type items, small sculptures, Christmas cards, martenitsas, traditional “engraved” Easter eggs from Velingrad, colorful drawings, etc.

Angel Daskalov – Member of Parliament, the deputy Regional Governor of Pazardjik – Vanya Minkova, Ivan Lebanov – Mayor of Velingrad municipality, the Chair of the Municipal Council – Diana Kehajova and the deputy Mayor of Velingrad Georgi Yanchev are also active members of the Working Group under the Project.

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