Lindsay Saltsgiver: ‘We should work better together, if we want to protect our children’


Special guest-speaker in our program today was Lindsay Saltsgiver, director of “Cedar” foundation for Bulgaria. Lindsay is an American, who has been living in Bulgaria for 10 years now. She took part in the rubric “30 minutes in the company of…” Lindsay talked about her motivation to work with children. She said that she is seeing a positive change in child policies, as a result from the 2010 adopted deinstitutionalization strategy for children from specialized institutions.

The fourth day of the program, devoted to national policies, was more directed towards acquiring skills. In the morning, Dr. Emilia Zankina from the American University in Bulgaria explained what is stakeholder analysis and how is it done. Later, the TV presenter of the “Panorama” current affairs program advised the participants on how to defend their thesis in 30 seconds. The students also took part in a TV debate simulation on the topic “For and against home-schooling”

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