Bulgarian School of Politics’ alumni trainings are still going


Alumni continue having a high interest in the trainings, organized by the Bulgarian School of Politics. Twenty representatives of different classes took part in the training entitled “Style, Etiquette, Protocol and Rules of Public Behaviour “, which was held on 5th April. The lecturer was Mr. Anatolij Pazijski, who is a diplomat and a well-known expert on the topic. Twelve alumni working on philanthropic causes participated in the training “Once upon a time… or the path to the cause through a story”. The training was on 6th April and the lecturer was Ms Lyubov Kostova – Country Director of the British Council – Bulgaria, co-founder of the Sofia Science Festival and an expert with rich experience in the field of public communications and project management.

During the trainings, the participants deepened their knowledge of protocol during work meetings and international visits, of etiquette at workplace, and were introduced to the main principles of story telling, how stories influence our perceptions, what the main components of a good story are and how to use stories to increase the interest in causes we work on.

The trainings were part of the projects “Linking Expertise of Civil Society, Businesses, Academia and Young Political Leaders”, financed by the America for Bulgaria Foundation, and “Promoting Philanthropic Culture in Bulgaria 2012-2014”, financed by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.

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