Sasha Bezuhanova: “The leader is a free man, who is responsible for his actions and in front of the society’


The chair of the BsoP Board – Ms Sasha Bezuhanova and the Executive Director of the School – Dr. Irina Alexieva opened the National Program “Governing Skills” 2014/2015 in Diplomat Plaza Hotel in Lukovit.

“The opening of the Program is symbolic this year – it coincides with the international day devoted to tolerance” – said Irina Alexieva in her welcoming speech in front of the 40 young leaders from parliamentary represented parties and coalitions and the civil sector who are taking part in the Program.

She added, that for the first time so many various political formations are present in the Program and shared her hope that they will mange to successfully work together.

The working part of the Program started with a lecture by Sasha Bezuhanova devoted on the topic of leadership and morality in politics and public life. She talked about authority, statesmanship, decisions on long-term strategies and the need for reforms.  The leader is, above all, a free man. A person who gives freedom and space for the ideas of the others, said Sasha Bezuhanova. According to her, in todays connected and shared world, the task of the leaders is to leave behind contradictions and to seek harmony in the diversity.

She exposed the main problems of the country that leadership should solve. A few times she put an accent on the fact, that the leader should be a person, who sees the future, designs it and motivates people to follow them on that road. In conclusion, Ms Bezuhanova wished the participants to build the Bulgarian brand together, as it is the starting point from which the world sees us.

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