Philanthropy – The Good Ideas that Actually Change the Scene


At a special module – dedicated to the philanthropy during the National Program, guests were Nadezhda Savova from the  “Bread Houses” Network, Iva Koleva from “Idea in Action” and Tzetzka Radeva from “Maria’s World” Foundation.  They talked about their causes and shared the personal motivation to give, to motivate other people to do so and to try and change this particular scene in Bulgaria.

Another accent in the Program during the day was the topic of effective speaking and persuasive communication.  The political scientist Prof. Tatyana Burudzhieva talked about the models of effective political and public speaking.  The vice-chair of “Debates” Association Mr. Miroslav Mavrov presented the basic rules of the public debate.

The day started with ‘ice-breaking’ and team-building games.

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