Bulgaria’s Long-term strategies – Education and Employment Market


During the last day of the first course of the National Program, the key panel was “Bulgaria’s Long-term Strategies”. The topic of the link between the education and the employment market was presented by the chair of the board of the New Bulgarian University – Mr. Antony Slavinski and the manager of the National Competence Assessment Council at the Bulgarian Industrial Association Mr. Tomcho Tomov, and Ms. Mariana Bancheva, head of “Educational Policies” at the Institute for Progressive Education.

The presenters warned that in the contemporary society competition has shifted to the area of the intellectual capital.  This is why there is a high demand from the applicants to possess more skills.  Within the frame of their education, it is necessary for the young people to receive interdisciplinary skills and knowledge, but also the educational standards to be based on the professional requirements.

The group homework was also introduced. In December the participants will have to suggest measures for the formation of better tights between the education and the employment market.

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