Mr. Elvin Guri: “The change of mentality could be achieved through investment in education”


“The change of generations doesn`t mean mentality change. We should change our mentality or we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past 25 years. Therefor me and my wife Ralitsa invest in education.” This is what the philanthropist Elvin Guri said to the participants in the National Program “Governing skills”. He was a special guest in the panel “30 minutes with…” Guri and his wife Ralica Again support education initiatives and institutions, among which the American University in Bulgaria, Junior Achievement Bulgaria and “Teach for Bulgaria”. He was a guest, as part of the efforts of the Bulgarian School of Politics to support philanthropy in Bulgaria.

Another accent in the second day of the Program was a topic on public policies and public opinion. The sociologist Ms. Boriana Dimitrova tried to answer the questions if it is necessary and how to monitor the pulse of the public opinion. Then the economist and former Deputy Minister of Finance Mr. Lyubomir Datzov talked about the policies through the prism of the state budget.

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