Mr. Hakan Altinay: “The definition of a democrat is a person, who is curios to the other people and who is able to change his own opinion”


The executive director of the European School of Political Studies in Istanbul Mr. Hakan Altinay was a special guest speaker in the National program “Governing Skills”. The topic of his lecture was “Turkey in the global world.” Mr. Altinay explained what the term “global civics” means and talked about our common responsibilities and rights in an interdependent world. He spoke in detail about the internal politics of Turkey, as well as its geopolitical positions.

Earlier in the day the journalist Mr. Mohamed Halaf was a guest speaker in the Program.   He made a detailed analysis of the situation in the Middle East and North Africa and explained the processes of islamization and radicalization of young people in the European countries.

Another accent in the program was a lecture on the specifics of the TV debate participation”. The trainees took part in a TV debate simulation on topic „Pros and cons the homeschooling.” The discussion was led by the journalist Ms. Dobrina Cheshmedzhieva.

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