Ms. Amina Bouayach: Women as agents of change


Women’s rights in the Mediterranean region were the main focus of the Summer Academy to strengthen democracy day program. A lecture on topic “Social security – women as agents of change” was delivered by Ms. Amina Buayash, Secretary General of the International Federation of Human Rights. Ms. Buayash highlighted the role of women in the society and in the conflict resolution. She outlined the situation of women in various countries of the Southern Mediterranean, assessed the effect of the measures taken by the governments in these countries in order to empower women, including the introduction of quotas for women in politics.

The day continued with a lecture on the basic rules for a TV debate participation delivered by the TV journalist Mr. Boyko Vassilev. Then he hosted a TV debate simulation on topic “Pros and cons to the introduction of a 50 % quota for women in the National Parliament.”

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