The Summer Academy for Strengthening Democracy in the Euro-Med Region Ended


17 young political and civic leaders from Bulgaria, Tunisia and Morocco successfully graduated the Summer Academy for Strengthening Democracy in the Euro-Med Region. The Academy was held for the second year and its main focus was the topic “Culture and security”. The certificates, designed in four languages – Bulgarian, Arabic, Amazigh and French were presented by Minister of justice of Bulgaria – Mr. Hristo Ivanov.

Within the Academy the participants developed a joint final document which will be presented to the World Forum for Democracy in Strasbourg in November 2015. They were divided into two groups – representatives from the EU and the Southern Mediterranean. Each group had to describe the situation in the region from the security perspective, to define the factors which influence it, to define the risks in front of security and to formulate measures to minimize these risks. On the base of these, the trainees had to describe how the region should look like in 2020. The two groups negotiated and so agreed to the joint document.

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