For the River, Climate and People at the Berkovitsa Balkan


The traditional International Folklore Festival “Balkan Sings and Dances”, which began last week in Berkovitsa, welcomed our unusual stand. During the weekend together with the Bulgarian Environmental Partnership Foundation we attracted around our table a lot of children with their parents, citizens and guests of the town and introduced them the topics of climate change and the impact of human activity on it.For the curious kids we prepared educational games. The more courageous took part in the assembly of RES constructors, powered by sunlight or discussed what is most important to take in a backpack during disasters. Others demonstrated their knowledge of separate waste collection practices and were looking for ways to spend less water at home. During this time, their parents did not stand idly by and were answering the questionnaire, by which we asked them what they know and do for the fragile relationship between man and nature. As far as the citizens of Berkovitza were affected by the flooding last year climate change was not longer something distant and theoretical – all of them noticed the principal manifestations of it such as rise in temperatures, mergers and shifting of the seasons.


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