Ms. Sasha Bezuhanova: “Knowledge and education are the things that promote freedom of talent and freedom of mind”


The second day started with a lecture devoted on the topic of leadership and morality in politics and public life. The Chair of the BSoP’s Managing Board Ms. Sasha Bezuhanova talked about authority, statesmanship, decisions on long-term strategies and the need for reforms.  A few times she put an accent on how important the education is for the modern leadership. “Together with BSoP we have set a goal to create another kind of leadership that has the understanding what are the new lines for the world development,” added Ms. Bezuhanova.

The program continued with a session dedicated to effective speaking and persuasive communication. Prof. Ivanka Mavrodieva, who is a university professor in rhetoric, public relations and business communication, talked about models of political speaking and rhetoric skills that captivate the audience. The accent of the afternoon sessions was the topic “Conflict management”. The lecture was delivered by Mr. Ivelin Nikolov, who is a psychologist and a lecturer in conflict management.

A special guest-speaker for the day was Mr. Darin Madzharov – founder of the educational platform During the rubric “30 minutes in the company of…” he spoke about his personal story and how the idea about the site was born. He stressed on the usefulness of the platform for the children between year 1 and 12 and answered many questions on the motivation and the challenges through which he had gone.

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