Long-term Strategies for Bulgaria – the Judicial Reform


In the last day, the main activity was the panel “Bulgarian long-term strategies”. The topic was “Justice and Home Affairs. Challenges Ahead of the Judicial Reform”.  The Minister of Justice Mr. Hristo Ivanov, Mr. Vladimir Valkov, who is a judge at the Sofia Regional Court and a member of the Judges Union in Bulgaria, and Mr. Sava Petrov, who is a member of the Association of Prosecutors in Bulgaria and Head of Directorate at the Prosecutor`s Office of Republic of Bulgaria, took part in the panel. Mr. Ivanov presented his vision for the judicial reform and explained the necessary changes in the Constitution. Mr. Vladimir Valkov talked about the problems of judges in Bulgaria.  Mr. Sava Petrov presented the structure of the prosecution in Bulgaria, its place in the state system and its specific functions. At the end of the Course, the participants were introduced to the group homework, which they have to prepare for and present at the next Course. The topic is about proposing measures for judicial reform. The groups received profiles of four different parties and will have to develop ideas to change the judicial system.

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