The Second Course of the National Program Has Started


The second course of the National Program “Governing Skills” dedicated to the regional development and local self-government, started today at the Hotel RIU in Pravets. It will last until 21th of December. The Program started with presentations from the participants, who presented their measures for judicial reform. They were divided into four groups; they received profiles of four different parties and had to develop ideas to change the judicial system. The group assignments were evaluated by a special jury, which includes Mr. Vladimir Valkov, who is a judge at the Sofia Regional Court, and Mr. Dian Atanasov, who is a prosecutor at the District Prosecutor’s Office in Sevlievo, and Ms. Bilyana Gyaurova-Wegertseder, Executive Director of the Bulgarian Institute for Legal Initiatives. The program, continued with the panel “30 minutes with…” A special guest-speaker in the panel was the former minister of Justice Mr. Hristo Ivanov.  The day ended with a lecture delivered by the political scientist Ms. Angelina Markovska, who talked about local self-government and how are policies on local level made.

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