Bulgarian priorities in the European Parliament


The accent in the third day of the National Programme was the meeting between the participants and the Bulgarian members of the European Parliament Mr. Andrey Kovatchev, Mr. Angel Dzhambazki and Mr. Georgi Pirinski. They presented three priorities, which are very important for the country.  Mr. Kovatchev presented the topic “The Future of Europe with a focus on the Western Balkans”; Mr. Dzhambazki spoke about the refugee wave and the situation in Syria; and Mr. Pirinski talking about the developing of a European platform to tackle undeclared work.

Another accent in the program was a lecture on the relations between Turkey, Russia and the European Union. Special guest speaker was Prof.  Dimitrios Triantaphyllou,  who is the chairmen of the International Relations Department and the director of the Center for International and European Studies at  Kadir Has University in Istanbul.

The program for the day ended with a simulation of radio debate on the agreement between Turkey and the EU. The moderator was Mr. Kiril Valchev, journalist from Darik Radio.

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