Yvonne Panitza Passed Away


Today Yvonne passed away. The woman with whom Dimi spent 55 years of his life left us. She was the person with whom he shared all the good deeds that he created. Yvonne was one of the most famous military journalists in the world, but chose the battle to change Bulgaria side-by-side with her husband. Dimi and Yvonne were a whole universe of common dreams, love and passion. They created the “Free and Democratic Bulgaria” Foundation, the Bulgarian School of Politics, Outward Bound-Bulgaria, Junior Achievement-Bulgaria, the American University in Bulgaria … She spoke Bulgarian, was smiling warmly, gaining the affections of others.

She will always stay with us!

In our souls we will keep the words carved on the tomb of the Panitza’s family:

“You can cry, withdraw into yourself, lose your feelings and turn back, but you can also do what others would like: to smile, to open your eyes, to love and continue to live.” 

With all the affections of the Bulgarian School of Politics “Panitza”

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