The Philanthropist Club discussed policies for children at risk and in conflict with the law


Alumni of the Bulgarian School of Politics “Dimitry Panitza” commented on the status of CBS (Correctional Boarding Schools) and a statistic, according to which over 3000 children in Bulgaria are in conflict with the law. Over 200 children are in CBSs. Only 5% of children who graduated these are successful in integrating in society. 

The topic of restorative justice for children is a personal and professional cause for some of the school’s alumni and it was included in the Philanthropist Club’s discussion with their proposal. The meeting took place on the 11th of October in the BSoP’s office. 

Luben Georgiev, executive director of the “Re-Act” Association, was a guest at the meeting.

The Association has devoted itself to improving the lives of young disadvantaged people, working towards the gradual social inclusion and professional integration of more than 50 young people at CBS “Angel Uzunov”, Rakitovo.

Georgiev told of his experience, the lessons, and the good practices of Re-Act’s work in the school, as well as its plans in the field of social entrepreneurship as an alternative for disadvantaged young people.

Re-Act has developed a system for working with young people which includes 4 fields – acquiring practical and professional skills; developing creative and social skills; volunteer work, and sports.The Association is attempting to develop its idea for social entrepreneurship by founding a factory for bicycle repairs.

The Philanthropist Club is an initiative of alumni of the BSoP’s National Program who are actively working on charitable and volunteer causes. Its purpose is to unite young philanthropists, to give them a place in which to meet and discuss common topics and initiatives, a place where they can exchange ideas and enrich their own charitable works, as well as where they can look for associates and inspire those around them to take part in their causes and initiatives. It is a part of the “Inspiring Others, Generating Change and Transforming Society – Philanthropy as a Core Value of Leaders” project, financed by the Charles Steward Mott Foundation.

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