Ms. Yordanka Fandukova, Mayor of Sofia Municipality: “The culture is very important for the Sofia development”


Mayor of Sofia Mrs. Yordanka Fandukova, presented to the participants in the National Program “Governing Skills” the efforts that Sofia municipality administration is investing in order Sofia to become European city of culture. Fandukova was a special guest lector in the rubric “30 minutes in the company of…” She answered various questions connected to the transportation and infrastructure projects, traffic issues, and Vitosha mountain.

The second day started with a lecture on the state of democracy on local level. Ms. Katia Hristova, who is Program Director of the “Transparency International Bulgaria”, presented their study “Local Integrity System Index”. Than the economist from the Institute of Market Economy – Mr. Yavor Alexiev presented the annual research of the organization – “Regional Profiles: Indicators of Development”.  After that Ms. Ginka Chavdarova, the chair of the National Municipality Association of the Republic of Bulgaria talked about the process of decentralization and the challenges ahead of it.

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