Cornelia Ninova: When I was studying at the BSoP, I did not believe I would ever stand on the other side


“When I was studying at the Bulgarian School of Politics, I did not believe I would ever stand on the other side as a guest lecturer in the National Program.” With these words, the leader of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) Cornelia Ninova, started her speech within the section “30 minutes in the company of …” The President of the National Council of the BSP immediately gave the floor to the participants for questions on the grounds that obsessed with talking, politicians very often fail to hear the questions.

And those of Grade 2018 of the BSoP were not missing.

The young political and civic leaders asked the BSP’s chair if she had to pass a new law on what it would be.

“A law on demography. We do not need roads when our nation disappears, “Mrs. Ninova said. The struggle with corruption would be the first thing the BSP’s leader would do if she was in the executive power.

According to Cornelia Ninova, women in politics should not behave as men, though their work is such that they are sometimes forced to do so. In front of the participants in the National Program, the chairman of the Bulgarian left party said that her strongest support was her family and her team are the people.

“Whenever I am hesitant, I get on the car and go to the most remote village. From the conversations with people there I understand whether I have support or I have done something wrong, “said Ninova and advised the young politicians to always listen to people without being populists.

Cornelia Ninova answered many more questions related to healthcare, judicial reform, development of left-wing political parties in Bulgaria and Europe.

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