The Participants Towards Tomislav Donchev: Now, Where and How?


The current cohort of the National Program of the Bulgarian School of Politics had a conversation with the politician and person Tomislav Donchev. The Deputy Prime Minister of Bulgaria was a guest in the “30 minutes in the company of …” on the second day of the third training course.

“Approximately 10 years have passed since my entry into politics, and for that period I have split up with a lot of illusions, some of which I would even call romantic,” the Deputy Prime Minister told the forty political and civic leaders, including MPs, mayors, – members and representatives of civil organizations participating in this year’s BSoP program.

“Now where, what is going on and how,” the participants asked Tomislav Donchev adding that they wanted to hear a reply from him not only as a politician but also as a philosophy graduate.

The Deputy Prime Minister was categorical that the world was changing and he was excited by questions such as: “What will happen to people whose professions will be dropped in the future?” and “Isn’t the possibility of a multiple increase in people’s lifetimes going to lead to a conflict?”

The Deputy Prime Minister could not think of a concrete example of a political decision he made, which was in contradiction with his inner conviction.

Specifically, however, he talked about reforms in the administration, deinstitutionalization, education. He also shared his views on the political system in the future.

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