The BSoP and Alumni of the School Organized a Meeting to Exchange Experiences on Children’s Policies in Northern Bulgaria


“I am convinced that what we are doing is in the name of the children and their better future. In order to provide them with a dignified life and to implement these children’s development policies, not only documents and solutions, but also suitable and prepared people are needed. The human factor in this sphere is the most important one for realizing our common goals.” This was stated by the district governor of Veliko Tarnovo, Prof. Dr. Lubomira Popova, who opened and attended a regional meeting on the problems of children from Northern Bulgaria. It was held on October 11 in the old capital and presented a national analysis of the problems of the young inhabitants of the country with emphasis placed on the children from Northern Bulgaria. The study was developed by the expert Mr. Ivaylo Milanov on the basis of the conducted and presented analyzes of the six administrative regions of Bulgaria.
Representatives of district administrations, local authorities, NGOs and graduates of the BSoP from Northern Bulgaria also learned about the European experience in solving children’s problems thanks to the educational expert Ms. Mariana Georgieva, a PhD student in Pedagogical and Aging Psychology at the University of Veliko Tarnovo and at the Stefan Zweig University “In Salzburg.
The meeting in Veliko Tarnovo was part of the project “The Voice of Bulgarian Children”.

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