Tsveta Karayancheva to the Trainees from the New BSoP’s Cohort: “You are in a Very Good Place”


“You are in a Very Good Place”

The President of the National Assembly Tsveta Karayancheva opened the new academic year of the Bulgarian School of Politics “Dimitry Panitza” (BSoP). She addressed the new, 18th Class of the School, with the words: “You are in a very good place.”

Mrs. Karayancheva recalled the excitement and anxiety that she herself had experienced while starting studies at the BSoP years ago. With the new 41 participants in the National Program “Governing Skills”, she shared that the skills and the knowledge she gained were extremely useful, but the most valuable thing remained the understanding that you can be a friend with the other, even though you are from different political parties or civic organizations.

In front of the current trainees – representatives of civil organizations and members of various political parties, including a Deputy Minister, MPs, a chairman of municipal council, municipal councilors, etc., Tsveta Karayancheva talked about how you can be a good manager and a leader. She went back years ago and gave advice from her experience as an engineer and manager of a manufacturing company and then as a participant in Bulgarian politics for more than 10 years. “Acknowledge your mistakes, encourage your colleagues, be operational,” were just some of the tips the National Assembly President gave to the Class of 2020 of the BSoP.

The new trainees were also greeted by the Acting Executive Director of the BSoP Rumyana Grozeva. She noted that over 800 people have already been trained in the National and Regional Programs of the School. “The best part is that these trainings create an atmosphere of friendship,” Rumyana Grozeva said.

The first day of the first course continued with a lecture and tests for leadership and strategic thinking of the trainer at the Executive MBA Program of the American University, Vladimir Borachev.

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