Leadership, Messages and Speech in Lectures and Assignments Filled the Second Day of the Trainees in the National Program


The Vice-President of the 43rd National Assembly, a psychologist and a doctor of political sciences Ivan Ivanov, started the second working day of the new cohort of the National Program of the Bulgarian School of Politics (BSoP). Dr. Ivanov spoke to the trainees about the power of the individual in political leadership, capturing the audience with examples and comparisons of political life in Bulgaria and abroad.

That it is especially important for the leader to be able to formulate and send messages, became clear from the next speaker in the program – the communication expert Mihail Stefanov. He showed the participants how to write a working message, and later, divided into groups, they tried to do it themselves.

Prof. Ivanka Mavrodieva, Professor of Rhetoric at Sofia University, talked about the options and structures of the public speech.

The trainees in the new cohort of the National Program applied the acquired knowledge by writing in groups of speeches, which they then passionately delivered to all.

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