The Mayors of Panagyurishte, Troyan and Kremikovtsi District with a Lecture on Municipal Budget in the National Program, of Vratsa – on Child’s Policies


With a lecture by three mayors – of two municipalities and of a district municipality, started the second training day of the second course for the current cohort of the Bulgarian School of Politics (BSoP). The mayors of Panagyurishte, Troyan and Kremikovtsi district spoke on the basis of their experience over the years about the municipal budget as a political tool and as a concentrated expression of the policies of the local government. Nikola Belishki, Donka Mihailova and Lilia Donkova shared with the participants that the local revenues in the annual budget of the municipalities were those funds that gave the mayors the freedom to make policies for the people from the settlements of the particular municipality. Their lecture was full of examples of opportunities for local revenue and the interaction of local budgets with the national one. The trainees were acquainted with the structure and principles that build municipal budgets by Zdravko Sechkov, Executive Director of the Foundation for Local Government Reform.

Mayors and local government representatives continued to share experiences and good practices in the next training sessions during this day. The Vratsa Mayor Kalin Kamenov and the Director of the Social Activities Directorate of Veliko Turnovo Municipality Rositsa Dimitrova spoke in front of Class 2020 of the BSoP about child’s policies at the local level.

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