The Minister of Environment and Water was a special guest of BSoP’s trainees during the first day of the third course


“Do not search in the man in front of you his bad characteristics, find his good one and use it; do not become enemies with anyone you have never reached a consensus with; do not make a commitment that you cannot fulfill; don’t pretend to be more important than you are; communicate correctly, 90% of the problems in society are due to poor communication”. These were just some of the advices that the Minister of Environment and Water Emil Dimitrov gave to the trainees of the current third course of the National Program “Governing Skills” of the Bulgarian School of Politics. The minister said that he came to these conclusions after his many years of experience as a MP, Chief Financial Auditor, Director of the Customs Agency.

For more than an hour the trainees spoke with Minister Dimitrov about the current problems related to air, water and waste in different cities of Bulgaria. They were also interested in issues related to his work as head of the Customs Agency and MP, asking him how a political decision was made and what was the way to deal with the problems accumulated over the years.

Earlier in the day, immediately after the opening of the third course, the trainees listened to a lecture on the role of parties and the processes within them in overcoming democratic deficits, where a guest was the director of Market Link’s sociological agency Dobromir Zhivkov. They practiced the acquired knowledge in groups through a special training task.

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