Experts, chairman of parliamentary committee, journalist and NGO director were lecturers during the third day of the third course of the National Program


With the chairman of the Sofia Security Forum Yordan Bozhilov and the Arabist Vladimir Chukov, began the third training day for the trainees from the current cohort of the Bulgarian School of Politics. The two experts spoke to the 40 participants in the National Program “Governing Skills” about the challenges facing Bulgaria’s national security.

The day continued with a lecture on energy, its development and strategic importance for our country. Lecturers in this panel were Valentin Nikolov, Chairman of the Energy Committee at the National Assembly and the expert Yavor Kuyumdzhiev.

A special guest of the day was Sarah Perrin, CEO of Trust for Social Alternative, who returned more than 20 years ago and shared her impressions of Bulgaria on her first visit then and today. She also spoke about the work and priorities of the non-governmental organization that she manages.

The work day ended with a lot of work, but also emotions associated with mastering the skills to act in front of a camera and participate in a tv debate. Under the leadership of the journalist Boyko Vasilev, the trainees prepared and did a simulation of a television debate on the topic: “For or against the elimination of the flat tax”.

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