The last course of training for Class 2021 started with Teodor Stoychev and three MEPs

evrodeputati _19.09.2021

The Chair of the European Parliament Liason Office in Bulgaria Teodor Stoychev opened the last, fourth, training course for Class 2021 of the Bulgarian School of Politics (BSoP). In front of the forty trainees, Stoychev spoke about the legislative priorities of the European Union after the annual speech of the President of the European Comission Ursula von der Layen. The Chair of the European Parliament Liason Office in Bulgaria did an analysis of the speech, pointing out the main accents in it – the ongoing battle with Covid-19, economic recovery, climate change, security and migration. Immediately after that, Stoychev moderated a session dedicated to the work and policies of the European Parliament. Andrei Novakov, Ilhan Kyuchuk and Petar Vitanov took part in it.

Andrey Novakov first congratulated the trainees for their choice to study and later introduced them the European funding in the context of the recovery of the Union from Covid-19. The MEP from the EPP group talked about the Europe Recovery Plan and the funds provided for Bulgaria in it. ALDE President Ilhan Kyuchyuk thanked BSoP for the invitation and especially noted that he is a graduate of the School, and politics is first preparation. Then he spoke extensively about the integration of the Western Balkans. Petar Vitanov, MEP from the group of the S&D, drew attention to the importance of green policies for Europe. Following the general presentation, the MEPs developed their theses in detail in workshops in front of trainees interested in their topic.

The training panel on the work of the European Parliament and the key policies of the European Union has become possible thanks to the EU COOLture project implemented by BSoP with the support of the European Union.

The Bulgarian School of Politics “Dimitry Panitza” organizes and conducts its own National Program “Governing Skills” for 19 years. In the present class there are representatives of European and Bulgarian parliaments, different governmental organizations, local government, non-governmental and professional organizations, businesses, etc. The event helped to build and upgrade their knowledge about the work of the European Parliament.

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